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English as a  Second Language

I am a Harvard University graduate with a degree in Linguistics, and I am enthusiastic about languages both in teaching English as a Second Language as well as learning new ones myself. I have been working with ESL students for over ten years in settings such as language schools, local libraries, on line, and various locations through out Miami with my private clients.

In 2014, I incorporated a personal development coaching component into my ESL curriculum, because whether my students are starting a new life in the United States, or just visiting, they may face personal challenges and desire additional guidance. The personal transformation content I incorporate into my ESL lessons I also teach as an 8-week Creative Insight Journey Clarity Catalyst (CIJ CC) course, which is based on methodologies taught at Stanford University’s MBA program since 1979. I share techniques and tools from CIJ CC with my ESL students to help them make a smoother transition into their life circumstances as well as assist them in discovering the new choices, possibilities and goals that may await.

My broad range of interests (which include literature, art, film, sports, theater, food and nutrition, international politics) make me a qualified ESL instructor, good conversation partner, and a knowledgeable guide to American culture and the Miami area.
I help my students improve their English language proficiency, and in order to get the most out of each lesson, I get to know them and their personal and professional needs. Knowing students’ backgrounds and their interests helps me prepare engaging lesson plans with practical ideas and personal approaches. Utilizing topics of interests makes English grammar and American culture more accessible, and my coaching helps my students set goals and manage their time and opportunities in the United States.

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