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I was lost, down, lonely and depressed about my romantic relationships in my life. I kept meeting the wrong people in the wrong places until I was introduced to Anna. I immediately felt the connection and trust, and once I completed the 8-week Creative Insight Journey Clarity Catalyst (CLARITY CATALYST) program she teaches, I regained clarity around self love and self worthiness. As soon as I broke up with the person I had been seeing at the time, I created space for the love of my life to show up – I knew exactly what I was looking for. Interestingly enough, it was someone who had been around me for a year and finally, I noticed him for the first time. The CLARITY CATALYST’s Week 1 teachings – NO EXPECTATIONS in the works. Amazing! I recommend this life changing program to anyone who is ready to be taken from where they are to where they want to be!

Billy Pavlevska

The CIJ Clarity Catalyst was an amazing course that gave me tools, which came at the right time to assist, clarify and empower me in becoming the successful woman I am now! After having completed the Clarity Catalyst course with Anna, I had a lot of realizations about myself and was able to take some firm steps towards my financial success. I invested time and energy on my artistic talents, and now, I have a thriving painting business.

Cristina Dalcomune

An encounter with CIJ Clarity Catalyst (CIJ CC) brought a lot of joy and wisdom to my life. This program came to me at a very difficult moment in my life when I was desperately looking for my identity.
Before CIJ CC, I had began my transformation already but needed some conformation I was on the right path. My life had been ruled by everything that surrounded me—people, situations—the source of my reality. But, thanks to CIJ CC my internal and true voice became louder; I started following it.
The advice, tools and techniques Anna Slabicki, CIJ CC trainer—shared with us are for life. They are indispensable, because life is work in progress.

Norbert Charhouli

8 evenings, 8 weeks, 8 encounters with the whole world (USA, Holland, Norway, Poland…) but most of all, a connection with the one who is the closest—with oneself.
A journey to and from, while in front of a laptop, at one’s desk, following the guide’s voice—Anna’s. So much work, so many nooks and crannies explored and unveiled with Anna’s direction.
This is what CIJ Clarity Catalyst (CIJ CC) is, in time and space. The world and I. I and the world. A group and I. I and a group.
During this 8-week course, you will be the witness to your self discovery.
And a road—step by step, advancing and exploring, wherever it is possible. You will create your path alone and together with Anna and the group. You will reach a natural, autonomous perspective of your place in the world.
A Peer Call—a weekly connection with a CIJ CC fellow, allows you to talk and listen to the other, and…to listen to yourself; in fact, this conversation, even though there’s she or he on the other end, becomes a dialog with oneself. It is genuine and honest. And you are nicely surprised.
The Peer Calls element of the CIJ CC course is a value in itself.
I recommend CIJ CC with Anna’s guidance.

Robert Markiewicz-Ceglarski